Maher: "I'm Worried About A Permanent Republican Majority"; Trump Has FOX News, Breitbart, Drudge


On Friday night's edition of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher expressed his concern of a permanent Republican majority. Maher noted that Trump has the power of incumbency, has Republican state legislatures behind him, has the ability to nominate at least two Supreme Court Justices, and the backing of FOX News, Breitbart, and Drudge. He also warned that Trump "hasn't even played his war card yet," and "could start a war and get a lot of support" from that.

"So, I'm worried about a permanent Republican majority. That's what I'm worried about for the future," Maher said on last night's broadcast of the show.

This was Maher's last show before he takes a summer sabbatical. Real Time will return August 4th.

Transcript from the June 30th, 2017 show:

BILL MAHER, HBO: Here's what I'm worried about -- this is the Cassandra effect I am worried about -- that Donald Trump is actually not losing. When you talk to people who are like you who are in our studio and the people I hang out with he's a clown and he's a loser and the tweets and all that stuff. He had a fundraiser this week -- for 2020. He's not fucking around. He's running again already.

And, you know, I made a little list of his assets. Incumbency. He's got the power of the government behind him now. He didn't have that before when he was just a clown. The Republican party is still with him. Including those state legislatures. Gerrymandering. He has basically Pravda in FOX News, in Breitbart, in Drudge. He went back on his pledge about the DREAMers last week. None of those outlets even mentioned it because they're not in the news business; they're in the Donald Trump promotion business.

RICHARD CLARKE: And he has the KGB.

MAHER: And he has Russia hacking with him. And the Supreme Court. Maybe the best news this week was that Anthony Kennedy isn't retiring. He's 80. Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 84. He could get two more picks and then he has the Court.

Democrats are lame. The media is lame. And he hasn't even played his war card yet. You know, he could start a war and get a lot of support there.

So, I'm worried about a permanent Republican majority. That's what I'm worried about for the future.

DAN ABRAMS, MEDIAITE: I don't know. When you say permanent Republican majority I think about the fact that in terms of the popular vote Hillary Clinton got more votes than Donald Trump in this election.

MAHER: And lost.

ABRAMS: Yeah, but still. That was sort of a unique situation based on three states.

MAHER: Unique? It's happened twice in 16 years.

ABRAMS: I'm talking about the trifecta he pulled off, I mean state by state in terms of in terms of the narrow nature in each of those wins (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan) in those key states just as an electoral victory.

But I guess I am not buying the idea that suddenly that Donald Trump is in a great position, right now, to get reelected and to get things done...

KATTY KAY, BBC: I agree with Bill. I think if you look at the things that he has done that has satisfied conservatives. The fact that he still believes that he is their guy and then add to that the fact that Democrats don't have any sign of a competent effective leader that can marry their cultural left and the economic left going into 2020, I think Donald Trump stands a pretty good chance of being reelected.

ABRAMS: We're a few years away from 2020. I mean, this idea -- you're talking about more big picture. This idea that there's going to be no way around a sort of general Republican majority. 2020. We have no idea who is going to be running.

KAY: But then he gets in two more Supreme Court Justices, you've changed America to the hard right for the next 25 years.

MAHER: And I think Democrats are complacent. They think that Russia is going to save us. Bob Mueller is --

CLARKE: Bob Mueller is going to be the savior.

MAHER: Bob Mueller is going to come in with a report --

ABRAMS: You really think Democrats think that? That Robert Mueller is going to be the savior?

MAHER: Yeah, I do.

CLARKE: They absolutely do.

MAHER: They absolutely do.

ABRAMS: I think that there's a chance that Robert Mueller is getting fired.

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