Hannity Rips "Fake News" Acosta: "He's Looking For Ways To Damage The President"


Sean Hannity delivers commentary on CNN's Jim Acosta on the Tuesday broadcast of Hannity on the FOX News Channel:

SEAN HANNITY: Welcome back to "Hannity." So over the past few weeks CNN has really made great strides in solidifying their position as one of America's premiere fake news networks. Naturally one of its top pushers of fake news is none other than the so arrogant, combative, and, frankly, whiney senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Now that the administration is forcing Acosta out of the spotlight by hosting a few audio-only press briefings because they only want to play gotcha, CNN's White House darling is really starting to become unhinged, kind of like liberal Joe. And that is the subject of tonight's mini monologue.

So like a plant needs sunlight, Jim Acosta apparently needs a camera. During yesterday's audio only press briefing, a clearly shaken Acosta demanded Sean Spicer turn those cameras back on. Listen to the arrogance.



JIM ACOSTA, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Maybe you should turn the cameras on, Sean. We don't we turn the cameras on? Why don't we turn the cameras on?

SPICER: Jenn, I'm sorry that you have to -- Jenn, go ahead.

ACOSTA: Why not turn the cameras on, Sean? We're in the room. The lights are on.

SPICER: Olivia?

ACOSTA: Sean, Sean.

SPICER: We'll continue to mix it up.

ACOSTA: Why are the cameras off, Sean? Why did you turn them off? Can we have an answer to that? Can you tell us why you turned the cameras off? Why are they off, Sean?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It's a legitimate question.

ACOTA: It's a legitimate question. You are a taxpayer, public spokesman for the United States government. Can you at least give us an explanation as to why the cameras are off?


HANNITY: Don't let the exchange fool you. Acosta's mission extends beyond just getting Sean Spicer to turn the cameras back on during a press briefing. In fact it appears that Acosta is very much in line with his colleagues at CNN led by Jeff Zucker who are using fake news now as a political weapon against the Trump administration.

For example, as we told you earlier, Acosta was forced to delete a tweet earlier this month after he claimed President Trump did not visit Congressman Steve Scalise when he was in the hospital. Turns out totally fake news. And that misguided tweet is only one of many examples of what is now a pattern of Acosta's corrosive coverage and biased coverage of President Trump.

Sadly, for a White House correspondent claiming to be an unbiased journalist, Acosta has a pretty extensive history of trashing the Trump administration -- isn't he supposed to be objective and fair and balanced? -- including multiple combative exchanges with Sean Spicer, White House officials, and even the president. Why? So he gets to look good for himself on camera. Is he really looking for answers to questions for you, the American people? We'll let you decide.


ACOSTA, JUNE 19: It's like we're just covering bad reality television is what it feels like now.

The White House press secretary is getting to a point, Brooke, where he's just kind of useless.

SPICER, MARCH 16: There was surveillance that was done on a variety of people that came up.

ACOSTA: There's an investigation going on.

SPICER: How do you -- Jim, I find it interesting that you believe that you --

ACOSTA: Of course they're going to be looking at it.

SPICER: I get it.

ACOSTA , JAN. 11: Since you're attacking us can you give us a question? Mr. President-elect, Mr. President-elect, since you are attacking our news organization, can you give us a chance?

DONALD TRUMP, THEN-PRESIDENT-ELECT: No, not you. Not you. Your organization is terrible.

ACOSTA: You are attacking our news organization.

TRUMP: Your organization is terrible.

ACOSTA: Can you give us a change to ask a question, sir?

TRUMP: Quiet, quiet.

ACOSTA: Mr. President-elect, you state categorically --

TRUMP: Go ahead. She's asking a question. Don't be rude. Don't be rude.

ACOSTA: Mr. President elect, can you give us a question?

TRUMP: Don't be rude.

ACOSTA: Can you give us a question?

TRUMP: Don't be -- no, I'm not going to give you a question. I'm not going to give you a question.

ACOSTA: Can you state categorically --

TRUMP: You are fake news.


HANNITY: You are fake news. You're very fake news.

Jim Acosta is very sensitive, and by the way, he gladly is doing the bidding of his boss, Jeff Zucker. And by the way, he goes to battle on behest of Zucker against the administration day after day. So instead of digging for truth and trying to get information for the American people, he's just digging at the administration clearly with an agenda. Instead of looking for answers, Acosta, he is looking for ways to damage the president, prop himself up.

Now, the sad reality here is that like the rest of all of these fake news networks, in this case CNN, senior White House correspondent, he'll do anything in his power to prevent the president from implementing his agenda. It's not good for you, the American people, now is it?

(Transcript via FOX News)

Hannity: CNN is unraveling

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