Rand Paul: "Federal Government Shouldn't Be Giving Insurance Companies Any Money"


Sen. Rand Paul joins CNN's Wolf Blitzer to discuss warrantless spying on American citizens, and his stand opposing the Senate Republicans' health care plan. Sen. Paul is one of four GOP senators who have come out against the current form of the bill.

"It is not going to win any Pullitzer prizes for reading, I'll tell you that," Sen. Paul said about the bill. "I'm about a third of the way through it, I should finish it this weekend. But you know, I proposed all along we should have a read the bills act that says for every 20 pages of text there should be... one working day... to read it. We need more time to be able to get through it. It is not a matter of just reading it. It cross references other places in the [legal] code. It takes a while. We have half a dozen people or more in my office going through it. I just got it this morning, and it is not easy reading."

Paul also responds to this tweet that his opposition to government controlled health care is being used by the GOP establishment to corral support for the bill:

"My opposition has been principled," Paul said in response. "In the sense that I think the marketplace works better. I think freedom works better than coersion."

"I think the federal government shouldn't be giving any money to insurance companies. The insurance companies made $15 billion in profits last year. The new Republican bill will give them $110 billion to 'bring down prices.' That is a ludicrous economic theory."

"We're going to subsidize the cost to bring it down -- we're ignoring the fact that our annual budget is $500 billion in debt. How are we going to pay for all this new spending?"

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