McCaskill: No Democratic Obstructionism Going On, Republicans Don't Want To Work With Us


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: If we went and got the single greatest health care plan in the history of the world, we would not get one Democrat vote. Because they're obstructionists. They're obstructionist.

If we came to you and said here's your plan, you're going to have the greatest plan in history and you're going to pay nothing -- they'd vote against it, folks.


BRZEZINSKI: I mean, I'm not sure really how to formulate a question out of that. But your response, please?

MCCASKILL: Well, that's just dumb. It's just dumb. I mean, of course we want to fix health care. Many of us have been trying for several years to put fixes in place that would stabilize the individual market. But our colleagues were interested in using Obamacare or ACA as a political 2x4. They wanted to win elections with it. Because health care is hard, and obviously we made mistakes and things do need to be fixed.


MCCASKILL: But this notion that we don't want to work with them -- I think I have, you know, he's every Cabinet person he puts up, many of us have voted for several of them. I think I've voted for more of his Cabinet nominees than I've voted no. We want to work with him on infrastructure.

There's not obstructionism going on here. There is a failure of this administration to forward enough nominees to keep us busy. And there's also a failure of Republicans who want to work with us on either health care or tax reform.

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