Iowa Rally: Crowd Boos When Trump Trashes CNN, "Phony NBC"


At a Wednesday night rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Trump addressed attendees about the treatment he receives from the media and the reaction they would have had if Republican Karen Handel lost to Democrat Jon Ossoff in the GA-6 special election.

The crowd booed when Trump mentioned CNN and "phony NBC." Trump poked fun at NBC for blaming bad weather for Handel's win. Last night on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow asked if the "turnout effect" would have been different if not for the "bad weather."

"This kid, who forgot to live in the community he was in," Trump joked about Ossoff, who did not live in Georgia's 6th Congressional District, the seat he was seeking to represent in the House.

"I will tell you about the Democrats. I'm making it a little hard to get their support, but who cares?" Trump said.

"I will tell you about the Democrats," Trump said. "They raised a fortune for him, they fought like hell. They said they were going to win. All of the television networks, other than FOX, which really has treated us fairly, by the way. They have.

"But they built these studios. CNN," Trump started to say but was interrupted by boos for the network.

"Hey, the camera just went off," Trump said of CNN's camera at the event. "I can't imagine why. This is covered live. I can't imagine why."

"This phony NBC television network," Trump said to another round of heavy boos for that network. "They actually had one of the people say, 'You know, it was a little rainy last night. Maybe that was the difference in Karen's race.' Can you believe that?"

"But they have these beautiful studios. And if Karen Handel had lost, they would have blamed it on me which is fine. But if she had lost, they would have been there for weeks talking about [how] this being the greatest defeat in the history of American politics," the president said Wednesday night.

"When she won, when they said projected winner is Karen Handel -- then they said we switch to another program. Right? They were so sure. They couldn't get out of there fast enough," Trump joked about the media response.

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