House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy: Just Found Out DNC Never Turned Over Servers Allegedly "Hacked" By Russia


At a Wednesday afternoon hearing at which former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson testified, newly appointed House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy of S.C. discusses the facts which he has discovered about the DNC claim that it was hacked by a hostile foreign power during the 2016 election.

GOWDY: Director Johnson, I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I do think it's important. The last time you and I talked, I wasn't 100 percent sure, but I've since had it confirmed -- the DNC never turned the server over to law enforcement.

So twice now you have said that you could have camped out in front of the DNC, and I would say, in defense of you, it wouldn't have made any difference if you had, because they weren't going to give you the server.

So if you're investigating, either from law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint, the hacking by foreign, hostile government, wouldn't you want the server? Wouldn't that help you, number one, identify who -- who the attacker was?

And if memory serves me, this was early in the summer of 2016 when we learned of the DNC hack. So if they had turned the server over to either you or Director Comey, maybe we would've known more, and maybe there would've been more for you to report.

So I guess what I'm asking you is, why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to law enforcement?

JOHNSON: I -- I'm not going to argue with you, sir. That was a leading question, and I'll agree to be led.

(Video via Amicus Humani Generis on YouTube)

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