Laura Ingraham: "I'm Not Sure If The Press Secretary Thing Is Something I'm Dying To Do"


Syndicated radio host Laura Ingraham teased the hosts of 'Fox & Friends' on Tuesday when they asked about rumors she is being considered for Sean Spicer's job -- White House press secretary.

Ingraham said she would not be intimidated to stand in front of the Beltway press corps, and joked: "You're joking right? That crowd every day? It would be fun to do it every now and then, so who knows," she said.

She also said: "Lots of people were emailing me yesterday, and I was kind of in a news blackout for part of the day, and they were emailing me about, you know questions, and it’s something I don’t really have a lot of information on. I think the stories about Sean Spicer’s removal from the White House were wrong-headed from the beginning. Same stories about Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway and the president at least for the time being, his team is his team, and he’s the guy that makes the call, nobody else."

About the job: " I’ve always said that if it’s something that I think I could do well, and it would really advance the agenda of this administration at a time where I think there’s so much at stake for the country and for the future, you know, I would think about it. I’m not sure if that’s the role I would pick for myself. But I have a legal background, strategic, you know, political communications and planning. I’m not sure the press secretary thing is something I’m dying to do."

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