Ken Starr: Jeff Sessions "Acquitted Himself Beautifully"


Ken Starr weighs in on Attorney General Jeff Sessions' appearance at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday.

"I thought he acquitted himself beautifully. I think it was very, very plausible," Starr told FOX News host Martha MacCallum.

KEN STARR, FORMER CLINTON SPECIAL PROSECUTOR: I thought the Attorney General was terrific. First of all, I've known the Attorney General since 1981 and I know him to be a man of honor, a man of the law. And I thought that came through, his passion and commitment to the rule of law came shining through.

I don’t think a lot was revealed today. I don’t think we’re much farther down the road. But I think that the American people saw that this attorney general is just a great human being with an enormous amount of passion and determination to try his very best to do the right thing. I liked his sense of moral indignation...

A lot of what Director Comey suggested if I may say so was innuendo. But we've now seen a very honorable person defend himself, and I thought he acquitted himself beautifully. I think it was very, very plausible. And I have stated previously that I have serious problems with the way Director Comey conducted himself. And those were really explored against today by virtue of the Senators going through meticulously the Rosenstein memorandum, which enumerated the various areas in which the directory really violated perhaps law, but he certainly violated policy time and time again.

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