Tim Kaine Isn't Interested In Defending Hillary Clinton's Missing Emails Anymore: "2016 Is Over"


In a Friday interview with CNN's Alyson Camerota, Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine clearly demonstrated that he wants to move on from his experience as Hillary Clinton's running mate. He denied former FBI director Comey's claim that the campaign ordered him (via Attorney General Lynch) not to refer to the case as a "criminal investigation," but instead to use the word "matter."

"No, never," Kaine said when asked if he was also directed to refer to the email investigation as a nondescript "matter."

"We used the word 'investigation' all the time. Remember on Oct. 28, when Director Comey said he had to look at the emails... So no, there was no talking point about that."

"And look, I know the Republicans are trying to seize on things to distract attention... They are trying to close their eyes to the impact of [the Trump-Russia] investigation," he added.

"I thought that was pretty much irrelevant to the [Comey] hearing. 2016 is over," he said instead of answering a follow-up question. "2016 is in the rearview mirror now."

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