Liz Wheeler to Democrats on Comey Testimony: "Your Narrative Died Today, People"


One America News Network's Liz Wheeler recaps the accusations that President Trump was under FBI investigation, and how the comments Thursday from former director Comey proves the narrative is wrong.

LIZ WHEELER: Nobody told the FbI to stand down on the Russia investigation, Comey testified, nor was anybody pressured to stop investigating, Rogers and Coats testified.

Your narrative died today, people. No longer can you Democrats hurl baseless allegation while pretending to sit on some sort of moral high horse. You don't.

This is what it comes down to: You Democrats don't like Trump, his personality, his character. Mostly because you don't like his politics and policies. You don't care about Russia's influence on our election, you don't care about the integrity of votes. You just want to take Trump down.

You wanted to impeach the president without proving an impeachable offense!

You wanted to convict him before the investigations were complete because they were 'taking too long.'

You want to undermine every single policy he stands for, because Obamacare, high taxes, political correctness, a weak military, dependence n the United Nations, a big bloated government, a gun-free citizenry, and a biased dishonest mainstream media that colluded with your corrupt political party, makes it easier for you to line your own pockets with wealth and power.

Well, it is time to stop that. Remember why we elected Donald Trump in the first place? To drain the nastiness out of the swamp in Washington.

You are the swamp. You're the reason why. And today, your lies have been exposed.

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