Roger Stone: "J. Edgar Comey" Waking Up In Middle Of Night To Leak Notes "Erratic Actions Of A Nutcase"


Trump friend and off-the-record adviser Roger Stone joins NewsMax's Steve Malzberg to discuss former FBI director James Comey's Senate testimony:

ROGER STONE: You've got to compliment Mr. Comey for that Lordy! A nice kind of country-type inflection for a guy who is a city slicker. A total inside the Beltway Washington operator trying to sound like a country boy.

It is entirely possible that the president or the secret service could have recorded all of the president's conversations. Presidents Johnson and Kennedy taped their phone conversations. President Nixon also taped his Oval Office conversations, ironically on the recommendation of Lyndon Johnson, so we have to assume Mr. Johnson taped his as well.

Mr. Comey seems to be relying on memos, or notes, which no one has seen. Perhaps those memos or notes were created yesterday, for all we know.

What disappoints me is he still has not confronted the question of why he believed there was obstruction in the Hillary Clinton case, the email case, on the basis of a memo the FBI obtained, which purported to show obstruction between the Attorney General Loretta Lynch and an official in the Clinton campaign. and on that basis, as an officer of the court, Mr. Comey furthered that obstruction. He facilitated the obstruction by announcing no prosecution...

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