Piers Morgan to Sadiq Khan: "After What Has Been Happening In London And Manchester, Doesn't Trump Have A Point?"


On Tuesday's 'Good Morning Britain,' Piers Morgan questioned London Mayor Sadiq Khan about the terrorist threat to his country and President Trump's criticism of his approach.

PIERS MORGAN: Donald Trump's whole position on this has been that we are all at risk from Islamist extremists who want to kill us. And he has come up with endless ways he is suggesting of trying to stop this. You may not agree with him, but that is where he is coming from. After what has been happening in London and Manchester, has Trump not got a point?

Is he not allowed as President of the United States to say 'Wake up everybody! We are in a war here.'?

SADIQ KHAN, MAYOR OF LONDON: I think you are being very generous to Donald Trump--

MORGAN: I am actually reflecting what I think he would say if he were here.

KHAN: Let me tell you what I was commenting on when I said he was ignorant. The idea at the time, when he was a candidate, of banning all Muslims from going to the USA, and I made the point that his views are ignorant -- why? Because there are literally million of Muslims born and raised in America who love their country... But also there are millions of Muslims around the world who love America --me included-- who love Americans. Who have family in America. And playing to the ISIS narrative that Western liberal values are incompatible with Islam is ignorant.

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Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn discusses the effects of police cuts, and how they harm anti-terror efforts.

PIERS MORGAN: This seems to me utterly extraordinary that a bloke can appear on an ISIS TV show with a flag and no one does anything to stop him.

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