Gorka: 7 Dead In UK, And CNN Asks Me About Trump's Tweets For 16 Minutes; Media In "Alice In Wonderland Reality"


Counterinsurgency expert and adviser to President Trump, Sebastian Gorka, vents to NewsMax's Steve Malzberg about his interview Monday morning on CNN:

MALZBERG: We had another what appears to be a terror attack in Syria -- an Algerian man shot after attacking police with a hammer outside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and this comes on the heels of [three attacks in three months in] London.

The president, I believe rightfully, tweeted out saying this shows we need the 'travel ban.'

And the media goes nuts: Oh he said ti is a travel ban, but before...' Is there any difference between a 90-day moratorium and a 90-day travel ban, that isn't what has caused problems in the courts, whether it is a ban, or not. It certainly is a travel ban for 90 days, so, this word games, this semantic game, gothca, that is so counterproductive. Is it not?

GORKA: It is worse than counter productive, it could actually endanger people. We're not here in the White House to debate how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

I mean, I went on CNN yesterday (for my sins) for 16 minutes. 16 minutes. For 16 minutes, the host wanted to talk about the president's tweets.

There are 7 people dead in the UK -- our close allies -- 48 in the hospital, half in intensive care, and the media wants to talk about a tweet?

It is just an 'Alice in Wonderland' reality

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