Krauthammer: If Comey Said There Was Obstruction, He Would Be Indicting Himself; Hearing Will Be A "Bust"


On Monday's edition of Special Report, Charles Krauthammer weighs in on former FBI Director James Comey's upcoming Senate hearing. Comey will testify to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday.

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: [James Comey] has a history and a talent for navigating, what he says, his remarks, his status, his own history in a way that minimizes its impact. You can interpret everything he did last year as a way for the director of the FBI caught in a unique situation with a candidate who's under investigation, a campaign under investigation, a unique situation that put him in the spotlight as a way to avoid determining the election. I think he failed but I think that was his motive.

Here there is one question, did the president obstruct justice? That's what everybody is waiting for. I don't think there's anything of great interest other than that. And his answer I think is going to be obvious. He will navigate to a point where he says, 'Well, there might've been some pressure but it's not obstruction.' Why? Because if it were obstruction, then he is indicting himself. For not resigning, for not making a statement, for not bringing it out in the open.

So he can't say it's obstruction which is what everybody who wants to see Trump destroyed is waiting to hear. So what we will hear is something navigating in between and saying well, it wasn't really pressure, he was speaking on behalf of an associate, a friend. It could be interpreted in various ways. That's what I think is going to happen and that's why I think it's going to be a bust.

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