Kerry: Trump's Speech Pulling U.S. Out Of Paris Climate Deal "Fake News," Has Put America Last


Former Secretary of State John Kerry denounced President Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord on Thursday. Kerry warned, "kids will have worse asthma in the summer" because of Trump. Kerry told NBC's Andrea Mitchell that Trump made "one of the most self-destructive moves I've ever seen by any president in my lifetime."

JOHN KERRY, FMR. SECRETARY OF STATE: My immediate reaction is that it is an extraordinary abdication of American leadership, it is a shameful moment for the United States to have unilaterally walked away from an agreement which did not have one other country requiring us to do something. It was a voluntary program. We designed the program.

The president was not truthful with the American people today and the president who talked about putting America first has now put America last. Together with Syria, which is in the midst of a civil war, and Nicaragua, which thought the agreement didn't go far enough.

This is an extraordinary moment of fake news because the economy he described is not the economy of America. America has been gaining jobs in solar. Solar has gained 17 times the rate of our economy. There are 2.6 million jobs in our country in clean energy. Half of them are in states that Donald Trump won. So he is not helping the forgotten American. He's hurting them. Their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. They will have a harder time having economic growth. He's made us an environmental pariah in the world. And I think it is one of the most self-destructive moves I've ever seen by any president in my lifetime.

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