Hillary: "I Get the Nomination, I'm Now The Nominee of the Democratic Party. I Inherit Nothing From The Democratic Party"


Hillary Clinton pins some of the blame for her 2016 election loss on the DNC, which she described as: "bankrupt... on the verge of insolvency."

"Its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong," she continued. "I had to inject money into... the DNC to keep it going."

The former first lady spoke at Recode 2016 on Wednesday, a tech conference in Silicon Valley.

HILLARY CLINTON: I set up my campaign and we have our own data operation. I get the nomination. So I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party. I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party.

Mossberg: What do you mean nothing?

I mean it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. I had to inject money into it...

Mossberg: This is the DNC you’re talking about.

The DNC to keep it going. Okay. Donald Trump who did nothing about really setting up any kind of data operation, inherits an RNC data foundation that after the Republicans lost in 2012, and they thought they had a very good operation with the setup that Romney did called ORCA, they thought that was really state of the art, they lose.

So they raised - best estimates are close to a hundred million dollars, they brought in their main vendors, they basically said, “We will never be behind the Democrats again,” and they invested between 2012 and 2016 this hundred million dollars to build this data foundation. They beta tested it. They ran it... somebody was able to determine about 227,000 surveys to double check, triple check, quadruple check, the information. So Trump becomes the nominee and he is basically handed this tried and trued, effective foundation.

Watch Clinton's full Recode 2016 interview:

RECODE CONFERENCE: There’s no better person to talk about our fractured political landscape than someone who has spent 40 years in public service, including as First Lady, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State and the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first woman to be nominated for president by a major U.S. political party and is a longtime advocate on gender equality issues.

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