Andrea Mitchell: No Evidence For Hillary's "Conspiracy Theory" That Russia Must Have Had Help From "Americans"


MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell responds to Hillary Clinton's accusation that the Russians never could have known how to effectively deploy the files they stole from her campaign without help from "Americans." Mitchell, a longtime friend of the Clintons, describes this accusation as a "conspiracy theory" without evidence.

"She doesn't have the evidence, but she obviously is hoping that this is what Robert Mueller and what the Congressional committee's going to do," Mitchell told MSNBC viewers.

Editor's note: Clinton also accused WikiLeaks of timing the release of the first batch of John Podesta's emails to coincide with the release of the "Grab 'Em By The P***Y" tape. It should be well known for those who witnessed the events of 2016 that the WikiLeaks dump was not timed to coincide with the Access Hollywood tape, but in fact it was the other way around. It was well-known at the time that WikiLeaks was planning to dump files about the Clinton campaign 'by the end of the week.' Certain parties had been sitting on the Access Hollywood tape for more than a year, before releasing it on the Friday afternoon which ended the week in which WikiLeaks had promised to publish. For Clinton's assumption to be true, WikiLeaks must have been aware of the Access Hollywood tape before it was released, which seems impossible. On the other hand, WikiLeaks publicly stated many times that they were going to release a bombshell about the Clinton campaign, which would have served as a warning to release a counter-tape.

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