Hillary Clinton: I Did Goldman Sachs Speeches Because They Paid Me; Notes Conference Sponsored By Goldman


Former Democratic nominee for president Hillary Clinton participated in a question and answer session about the 2016 campaign Wednesday at the Recode convention, also dubbed #CodeCon2017. Clinton was quizzed on moves she made in the campaign that ultimately led to her loss to President Donald Trump at the conference held in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Clinton said she took responsibility for "every decision," but "that's not why I lost." She also said she was treated "unfairly." The former Secretary of State said technology was "weaponized politically" during the election and used against her.

Clinton addressed the trio of speeches she delivered to Goldman Sachs in which she charged $675,000 in total. When asked by the moderators about the high rate she charged, Clinton mentioned that the conference she is attending is also sponsored by Goldman to make a point about the wide reach of the Wall Street investment firm.

"I want to do one more of these misjudgment things and then we're going to go on. Goldman Sachs," one of the moderators said. "You knew you were going on run for president or you thought might, or probably, you were thinking about it. You had to be thinking about it as a possibility. Why did you do those?"

"Why do you have Goldman Sachs here?" Clinton asked the conference moderators.

"Because they pay us," the moderator said.

"They paid me," Clinton retorted.

"I know they paid you and they paid you a lot," the moderator said.

"Yes," Clinton said.

"You're not somebody who needed that money for the next week's shopping and you knew you might have run. So why do it?" the male moderator asked her.

Clinton, defending her speeches, said she spoke to a wide range of people, including people "not just in the United States."

"Well, I gave speeches to many, many groups. I spoke to camp counselors, I spoke to health care executives. I spoke to just a wide range of groups. And not just in the United States, particularly in Canada and a few other places."

Clinton said she believed Goldman wanted her opinion because of experience gained from her tenure as Secretary of State. According to Clinton, topics discussed included the bin Laden raid.

"The most common thing I talked about in all of those speeches was the hunt for bin Laden. You know, that was one of the central missions that I felt on from the time the towers fell on 9/11, as a Senator from New York, and to be part of that, to be one the of very few people advising the president on that. That was a fascinating issue. And I thought I could tell that to a lot of different people.

Clinton said it was "unfairly" used, and noted that men also receive money for speeches they delivered to Goldman Sachs.

"And you know, men got paid for the speeches they made. I got paid for the speeches I made. And it was used and I thought it was unfairly used. But it was part of the background music," she said.

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