Chuck Todd to James Clapper: Is Sergey Kislyak A KGB Agent?


'Meet the Press' host Chuck Todd asks former Director of National Intelligence james Clapper about the often-mentioned, little-known Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak: "Does the intelligence community believe he basically is an agent of the KGB? (Or the, excuse me, the FSB, the old KGB.)"

CHUCK TODD: Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the United States, there's been different ways people have described him. Does the intelligence community believe he basically is an agent of the KGB? Or the, excuse me, the FSB, the old KGB.

FMR. DIR. JAMES CLAPPER: Given the fact that he oversees a very aggressive intelligence operation in this country - the Russians have more intelligence operatives than any other nation that is represented in this country, still even after we got rid of 35 of them - and so to suggest that he is somehow separate or oblivious to that is a bit much.

CHUCK TODD: Why didn't we kick him out? Why didn't he specifically get sanctioned, if he basically is viewed, not as the ambassador to a country, not as diplomat, but as basically the American head of an intelligence agency. That's sort of what you just described.

FMR. DIR. JAMES CLAPPER: I'm reflecting an intelligence perspective. You know we're paid - Intelligence people are paid to be suspicious. And of course that - whether to expel people or declare them PNG, is at least in the last administration, was an inter-agency determination. And so what we did do is get at 35 of the more notorious intelligence operatives and ask them to leave quickly.

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