Charlie Sykes: Jared Kushner's Implication In Russia Scandal "Raises Threat Level Exponentially"


MSNBC's Charlie Sykes comments on the Trump-Russia collusion allegations.

CHARLIE SYKES: You might almost think that these were kind of low energy tweets from the president. But it does look like, you know, we know the president has lawyered up. Are the lawyers now going to be looking at his tweets? Look, you know, the nightmare here for the White House is this is not an alignment of the planets. It's a collision of the planets.

You now have, you know, the Russian investigation. You have the family, you have the finances. We're not talking about drip, drip, drip anymore. It's a torrent. And I think that the difficulty of this White House dealing with this is going to be exponentially raised by the fact that now it is Jared Kushner. And, you know, listening to, you know, the folks you had on earlier, the reluctance of Republicans or members of the administration to criticize Jared Kushner because this is family, this is one of the reasons why you avoid nepotism generally in business and in politics because he's the one guy you cannot fire. He's so close to the president. This raises the threat level exponentially.

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