Rep. Blake Farenthold: Federal Investigators Need to Investigate Seth Rich�s Computer


In an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Texas Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold suggested that rumors ciruclating online that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich could have been the source of DNC emails obtained by Wikileaks could merit investigation.

"My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating," Farenthold said. "There’s still some question as to whether the intrusion of the DNC server was an insider job or whether or not it was the Russians."

"There's stuff circulating on the internet," he explained.

"That should be a part of the ongoing investigation into alleged Russian interference in the election, because that’s an alternative theory that deserves being looked at," Farenthold said later in a phone call with the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. The death should be investigated in the same manner Russian interference has been reviewed, he said.

"We’re relying only on the report of somebody that the DNC contracted to examine their computer rather than having federal officials," Farenthold said, refering to the fact that the DNC never turned their servers over to the FBI. "To me, we need to let the feds look at it."

When pressed by CNN that he might be simply believing false internet stories, Farenthold replied: "Thats what you're doing with Trump. Basing allegations on anonymous sources."

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