Obama: "I Didn't Always Have The Tools" I Needed, "But At Least We Tried" In Syria


At a speech in Germany, former President Barack Obama laments that he didn't always "have the tools" to do what he wanted to do to stop the war in Syria.

BARACK OBAMA: For example I look at a place like Syria, where despite our best efforts, and this is something I worked on a lot, we still have a vicious war... and it is going to require I think everything we can do to recognize that what happens on the other side of the world... it has an impact on us, and we're going to have to be invested in helping those countries find peace and prosperity. As president, I didn't always have the tools that I want to effect those kinds of changes, but at least we tried. And if you try long enough, eventually... the better angels of our nature win out.

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