Fox Reporter Alicia Acuna Recounts Story Of Montana Congressional Candidate Gianforte's Confrontation With Reporter


Fox News reporter Alicia Acuna was a first hand witness to the altercation Wednesday between Montana congressional candidate Greg Gianforte and a reporter for 'The Guardian' Ben Jacobs. However, on 'The Laura Ingraham Show' on Wednesday, she appeared to change her initial story, walking back claims that Gianforte grabbed Jacobs' neck

"You know, and I'm the one who said that," Acuna told Laura Ingraham about the neck grab claim. "I saw both his hands go up, not around his neck in a strangling type of way, but more just on each side of his neck, just grabbed him and I guess it could've been on his clothes, I don't know."

"Again, just to clarify, he didn't grab him by the neck with both hands in the way that was initially described, that's not quite accurate?" Ingraham asked at the end of the interview.

"‚ÄčNo, so it wasn't like he grabbed him around the neck, he had one hand on each side of his neck," Acuna confirmed.

Gianforte's campaign said in a statement that the candidate was trying to grab the reporter's recording device, which was being waved in his face.

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