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Gutfeld On Brussels Protest Against Trump: "Where's Your March Against Radical Islam?"

Greg Gutfeld reacts to the protests in Brussels that happened due to President Trump's visit. In March of 2016, Brussels fell victim to a terror attack where 32 civilians were killed by a trio of coordinated suicide bombings. ISIS claimed responsibility. "Brussels. There is a protest ag

Krauthammer: Story Of Trump's Trip Is A New Day In The Middle East, "America Is Back"

Charles Krauthammer commentary on President Trump's first foreign trip given on Wednesday's Special Report: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: I understand the theme, the three great religions, trying to tie them all together to make it look somewhat nonpolitical. But the real story is not the Vatican, it's not even the Israeli trip. It is

James Rosen: New Evidence Obama Administration's NSA Spied On Americans

FOX News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen reports documents show NSA systematically violated rights of countless Americans. JAMES ROSEN: On the day President Obama visited Los Angeles last October,

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Making A Career Out Of Trolling President Trump

Dear Donald Trump: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has an important message for you.

Carolla On P.C. Culture On Campus: Students Want To Be Able To Wish People Into The Cornfield

FOX NEWS: Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager give Tucker Carlson a look at their new documentary, No Safe Spaces, which explores growing "snowflake" and "aggrievance" culture on college campuses nationwide at the expense of free speech. Carolla said college students want to be the kid from The Twilight Zone who could wish people away to t

Schiff: "There Is Evidence Of Collusion"; "Not Prepared To Make Conclusions About Strength Of Evidence"

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Cali.), the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, told Charlie Rose that, yes, "there is evidence of collusion" between Russia and the Trump presidential campaign. Schiff said, "we need to follow the evidence wherever it leads," and then said he is "not prepared to make any conclusions about the strength of the evi

CNN Contributor: Gowdy Knows Difference Between Intelligence And Evidence, "Needs To Have A** Kicked"

Former CIA counterterrorism agent and CNN contributor Phil Mudd responds to the heated back and forth between Rep. Trey Gowdy and former CIA director John Brennan about whether t

Audio of Montana GOP Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte Assaulting Reporter

New Low Achieved: The Republican candidate for Montana's congressional seat Greg Gianforte has bodyslammed a reporter, allegedly breaking his glasses, after being infuriated by a question about the House healthcare bill. "Get the hell out of here," the GOP candidate can be heard yelling at the reporter after a scuffle. The incident took plac

John Kerry Cracks Jokes At Harvard: If You Want To Get Ahead In Trump WH, "Buy Rosetta Stone And Learn Russian"

Former Secretary of State John Kerry cracks a few jokes at the Trump administration's expense, during a speech Wednesday at Harvard University.

Jason Chaffetz Basically Admits He Is Leaving Congress To Work At Fox News

"I'm not here to talk about that yet," the House Oversight chairman told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "I haven't felt any compulsion to talk about my post-congressional life," the Utah Republican said when asked by CNN's Wolf Blitzer about his future plans on "The Situation Room" Wednesday. "But I have a voice, I'd like to express it along the way. But

Sean Hannity Decries "Kill Shot" Attack On Him By MediaMatters: "They Want This Show Done"

The DNC-affiliated political advocacy group Media Matters has been calling for boycots of Sean Hannity, a frequent target of their reporting. In a post titled'These are Sean hannity

Maxine Waters Calls On Deutsche Bank To Release Information About Trump's Dealings With Russia

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) tells CNBC why she along with other House Democrats are asking Deutsche Bank for documents related to President Trump's financial accounts. "We're hearing from them that they want to know how to perhaps cooperate with us. Because we're saying -- We're making claims about the fact that Deutsche Bank has some involvem

Cory Booker: Danger There Could Be "Real Collusion Going On Between Us And The Soviet Union"

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) tells MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that President Trump’s conversation with Rodrigo Duterte shows a pattern of praising authoritarian leaders that is problematic. Booker also said that John Brennan’s testimony indicates the U.S. is headed "towards a real problem and potential collusion." MITCHELL: And I also wa

Clinton: Trump Budget Shows An "Unimaginable Level Of Cruelty"

Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, ripped President Donald Trump's proposed budget at a Children's Health Fund fundraiser Tuesday in New York. HILLARY CLINTON: Instead of working together to lift children and families out of poverty and give them a fighting shot in life, this administration and Republicans in

John Kerry Slams Trump At Harvard: "We're Trapped In A Political Pinball Machine"

At an event also featuring former VP Joe Biden and fired acting attorney general Sally Yates, former Secretary of State John Kerry candidly explained. his concerns about the Trump administration. "I did not come here to be partisan, or political, or pessimistic," Kerry said. "But I need to tell the truth..." "And together, we need to start a

Gowdy: "Not Going To Reauthorize Surveillance Programs" Until Congress Gets Answers About "Unmasking"

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Trey Gowdy speaks with Fox News Channel host Bill Hemmer about the questions he has for the intelligence community about who can access the private communications of American citizens, and under what authority. He says that he will not vote to reauthorize surveillance programs until he is satisfied with the

Katty Kay: Europe "Getting Used" To Attacks Like Manchester, "We Have To"

BBC commentator Katty Kay told MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski that as ISIS gets squeezed out of Syria and Iraq we are going to see more attacks in Europe and "Europe is starting to get used to that." "Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. We have to because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out," Kay said Tuesday.

George Friedman: US Attack On North Korea Imminent

At the 2017 Strategic Investment Conference this week, geopolitical expert George Friedman shockingly predicted that the U.S. is planning to go to war with North Korea. ‘’I’m usually the guy to tell you about the next decade, but today I’m going to tell you about the next week. It has become apparent that the US is preparing to attack Nor

Warren: Trump Budget "One Punch In The Face After Another To Hardworking People"

In an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) warned, "Republicans in Washington are still advancing the Trump agenda more so than ever." SEN. WARREN: It appears that their view of compassion is that we make sure that we could knock 24 million people off health coverage. That we take the legs out fr

Limbaugh: If Trump Budget Means "End Of GOP," Why Don't Democrats Vote For It?

Rush Limbaugh pushes back on Democrats' criticism of President Trump's budget proposal: "If this budget is going to be an albatross, if this budget is going to kill the Republican Party... Doom the Republican Party to defeat in 2020. Why don't the Democrats support it? ... If it is going to ruin te Republican Party and launch them back to power, wh

Hannity: I Am No Longer Going To Discuss The Seth Rich Matter At This Time

FOX News' host Sean Hannity delivers a message on the unsolved murder of DNC employee Seth Rich and how he will no longer discuss the issue for the time being. SEAN HANNITY: Also tonight, the unsolved murder of former DNC staffer Seth Rich continues to get a huge amount of attention. I want to say something. I totally, completely und

Comey Friend: He's "A Guy With A Story To Tell"; If I Were Trump, "That Would Scare Me A Lot"

A friend of fired FBI Directory James Comey told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he is a "man with a story to tell." On Tuesday night's Anderson Cooper 360, Bengjamin Wittes told the CNN host that Comey viewed the people in the Trump White House as "dishonorable" COOPER: Tonight, my conversation with Benjamin Wittes, a friend of Di

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