Victor Davis Hanson: Whole Trump-Russia-Collusion Story Is A "Big Lie"


Citing a term coined by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, Hoover Institution scholar Victor Davis Hanson explains that the allegations that President Trump worked with the Russians in any way are a "big lie" created by the Democrats with no evidence.

TUCKER CARLSON: Professor, you're saying that this whole thing is basically nonsense, is that what you're saying?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Yeah. I think you have to go to the origins, causes, methodologies, and objectives. So, this thing started during the nomination process when a group of 'Never Trump' people commissioned a dossier from a retired British agent -- the so-called Fusion/Christopher Steele dossier, that was pretty much ridiculous.

It was passed on, after Trump got the nomination, to the Clinton campaign.

And pretty much forgotten about. And then suddenly, when she did what no one thought she would do, and lost, Robby Mook's analytics and data didn't prove to be successful, and she didn't go to the blue wall states, then all of a sudden a new narrative came. The Russians must have done it by the Wikileak trove process, and then this dossier somehow got in the hands of the FBI director, whether he paid for it of not, I think Sen. Grassley is investigazting that, and now we have this idea that Trump colluded, and this dossier was leaked to media sources, and it was pretty obscene, pretty outrageous, had things in it that could not have been true, and where are we now?

We've had the director of national intelligence James Clapper say it didn't exist, Senators Dianne Feinsein and Chuck Grassley say this, FBI director Comey said there was not an ongoing investigation.

And then it was very unlikely, because Donald Trump, he didn't dismantle Eastern European missile defense, he didn't go to Geneva and press a plastic red button, he didn't make fun of Romney for saying Russia was an existential enemy, he didn't have a hot mic exchange with the Russian president saying he would be 'more flexible' after the election.

The entire 'Reset' appeasement of Russia came from the Clinton-Obama team, not Donald Trump. And now we're here.

And it is very unlikely generally, because he actually ran as a Jacksonian, who was going to beef up U.S. defenses, and get tough with our enemies, our adversaries, our rivals abroad, so it wouldnt be necessarily logical for Putin to want him to be president, yet here we are.

And I think the real message we're missing is, that there was evidence that some people in the Obama administration had surveilled people either Trump himself, or around Trump, and that that information had either been reverse targeted diliberately... or incidentally, it didn't matter because the neames were unmasked and leaked to reporters.

So for the last six months, between this dossier, and this surveillance, we've had these illegal leaks, so if special investigator Mueller looks at the totality of this so-called "Russian collusion-surveillance" story, I think he will come to conclusions we don't expect...

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