Chris Matthews On FBI: "All It Does Is Dig Up Stuff On People All The Time. That's All They Do"


On Tuesday night's edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host said all the FBI does is "dig up stuff on people all the time." Wall Street Journal reporter Eli Stokols called it "hubris" to think you can pick a fight with the FBI and that it will "end well" for you. Matthews agreed, noting "the Kennedys were afraid of the FBI."

"[President Trump and Jared Kushner] are all mad at the press department as if it's Sean Spicer's fault that the president is sort of running his mouth in these meetings with the Russians, that he's running his mouth in a dinner with James Comey and that this stuff comes out. They feel like they should be able to stop it," Stokols said.

"Welcome to Washington," Stokols said to Trump. "He said he'd drain the swamp. You're not going to fix Washington... the fact they thought they could pick a fight with the FBI and that it would end well for them, I mean the hubris is just off the charts. You can't make this stuff up. And, you know, everybody said you want an inexperienced president. You want somebody who is an outsider, You got him."

"That's so smart," Matthews said. "The Kennedys were pretty sharp. The Kennedys were afraid of the FBI. The FBI, all it does is dig up stuff on people all the time. That's all they do."

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