Ingraham: We're Acting Like This Is World War III, This Is Why People Are Tuning Out


Laura Ingraham responds to the Washington Post report that President Trump revealed classified information to Russians. From Monday's broadcast of FNC's Special Report:

LAURA INGRAHAM: I'm going to call this straight. I think The Washington Post's sources, I would like to know more about them. We'll hear more from McMaster. But I am not clear, even if the city were revealed where the source came from that necessarily Russia would want to disrupt it. I mean, there are all sorts of dots that we're all supposed to connect to come up --

JAMES ROSEN, FOX NEWS: Yeah, but the Russians might not have connected it.

INGRAHAM: Right, and also this is Trump's goal somehow, either that he is a complete buffoon, which is what the left wants to paint, and some Republicans, or that he's really trying to help the Russians.

ROSEN: A Manchurian candidate.

INGRAHAM: And Charles is right. Again, we'll find out more. But we're acting like we're on the eve of World War III here with the story tonight. And I think this is part of why people are tuning out.

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