Laurence Tribe: Impeach Trump Now, He Regards Himself As Above The Law


Laurence Tribe speaks with George Stephanopoulos about his Washington Post op-ed this week calling for Trump to be impeached.

LAURENCE TRIBE, HARVARD LAW: Because he has shown no respect for the rule of law. He regards himself as above the law. He thinks it's appropriate to essentially have a job interview with the FBI director. As we now know, the FBI director wanted to be reappointed and the president essentially told him, well, we'll see. It depends. Will you plead loyalty to me? Well, kings and monarchs and dictators seek that kind of loyalty.

He essentially said, if you assure me that this meddlesome Russia investigation will go away, maybe I'll keep you on. That's obstruction of justice, even within the technical terms of the criminal code, but they're not relevant.

The most relevant thing, because impeachment is our system's last resort for someone who treats himself or herself as above the law, the most relevant thing is whether this president, by his
recent course of action, on top of his violations of the foreign corruption or emoluments clause, this president has shone that he cannot be trusted to remain within the law and our constitution's last resort for situations of that kind is to get the person out of office.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let me interrupt you right there, because the president also said in
that same interview that he wanted the investigation to be done properly. And he does have the right to fire an FBI director, doesn't he?

TRIBE: Sure. The right to fire does not include the right to fire in the context of what amounts to a bribe. That is to say, I can fire you, you know, but I won't if you do what I have no right to ask you to do and that's to lay off.

And of course the president said he wants to get to the truth. He always says that. But I think we all know that those words do not speak as loudly as his actions.

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