CNN Reports: Trump Gets 2 Scoops Of Ice Cream, Everyone Else Gets 1 Scoop


On Thursday, CNN devoted a segment to a revealing passage from President Trump's interview with TIME Magazine: He gets two scoops with his chocolate cream pie while everyone else receives just one.

Brooke Baldwin and Chris Cillizza dish on the news:

BALDWIN: And then finally Brooke Baldwin thanks you for that by the way. And finally, you know, everyone is talking about the two scoops of ice cream. And apparently, this little nugget came out of this "Time" magazine piece where the President gets two scoops and everyone else around the table gets one and no word if there were sprinkles.

CILLIZZA: Right. The broader point here is that they were trying to make in the "Time" article is the white house staff has adapted to Trump's tastes. So, when everyone else gets water, he gets a diet coke. When everyone else gets one scoop of ice cream, he gets two. My two children would gladly be President if they could get double the number of scoops of ice cream. So not a terrible platform to run on.

BALDWIN: If we were getting ice cream, I'd make sure you got two scoops.

CILLIZZA: Am I your Vice President?

BALDWIN: No, you would be eating fruit if you were.

CILLIZZA: Good point. And I never ever eat fruit.

BALDWIN: Duly noted, sir. Thank you so much. Coming up next, the President's very first interview since he fired the FBI director today, he contradicted the story his white house has been telling for the last two days why he says he planned to fire Comey all along.

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