'Axios' Founder Jim VandeHei: Trump Is Frustrated With Status Quo In West Wing; Big Changes Coming


On Sunday's edition of 'Meet The Press,' Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei reports that President Trump is planning a major West Wing shakeup:

CHUCK TODD: And Jim, you're going to sort of throw some more wood here on the fire, a whole shakeup that you say is coming soon. Walk us through it. I think we're going to put up the four positions that could be on the firing line here, including the Chief of Staff.

JIM VANDEHEI: You talk to the same people that we do. You have a president who is so frustrated that he's getting nothing done, that he hates the coverage, feels like he's being ill served by his staff. In the last couple of days, he's been on the phone, talking about getting rid of everyone from Steve Bannon, his top advisor, to his White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, to even his White House lawyer, Don McGahn.

He's even frustrated with his cabinet officials. He's been talking about getting upstaged by some of his top officials, including his friend, Wilbur Ross at Commerce. And I think what this suggests is he's just angry, he's just frustrated. But the thing for the White House is he's the product. He's the pitch man. He's a producer. And firing the stagehands, I don't-- I think that denies--

CHUCK TODD: Look, we know that this happens a lot. Is there a timeline here? Is this something he's moving on quickly? Or is this like Comey, it could happen today or it could happen in a month?

JIM VANDEHEI: You never know, right? We had this three weeks ago. We know that he wants Steve Bannon out. We know Jared Kushner wants Steve Bannon out. They're worried about the optics of when to do it. And remember, when he vents, when he gets frustrated, he really gets frustrated and really vents. And so you never know if he's blowing off steam.


JIM VANDEHEI: Though this has been so sustained for so long, something is coming.

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