Steve Schmidt: McCain, Graham, Sasse Might Want "Democratic Congress To Protect National Security"


Joining MSNBC's Brian Williams Wednesday night, former John McCain 2008 campaign staffer & MSNBC "GOP strategist" Steve Schmidt said that Republicans who support President Trump have become "faithless to their oaths" and suggested some members of the GOP like Senators Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, and John McCain might be forced to support the Democrats in 2018 on grounds of "national security."

"Any Republican member of Congress who takes the president, his spokespeople's assertions that [Comey was fired] because he was unfair to Hillary Clinton is either a fool, or they have so lost sight in this era of tribal politics, of their responsibilities to the country, that they have become faithless to their oaths," Schmidt said about the president's memo detailing his reasons for firing FBI director James Comey.

Schmidt next refers to this tweet from longtime chief of staff to Sen. John McCain, Mark Salter, suggesting that "the security of the United States might now depend on electing a Democratic Congress in 2018."

Schmidt commented: "[Salter] may have hit the nail on the head today when he said that 'I never thought I'd say this, but perhaps we need a Democratic Congress to protect the national security of the United States in 2018.'"

"So among Republicans, there are a few that give you hope that the country comes first -- That list starts with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, other members who have expressed real dismay at what is clearly an attempt to influence the direction of the investigation of Russian influence in the election," Schmidt also said.

"This is an extraordinary moment... and a very serious one," he added.

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