Pat Buchanan on Nixon/Trump Comparison: "History Repeats Itself, First As Tragedy, Then As Farce"


Former Nixon White House communications aide Pat Buchanan quotes Karl Marx in an interview with NewsMax's Steve Malzberg on the often-made Nixon-Trump comparison.

Malzberg jokes: "It was very nice of Donald Trump to fire the FBI director knowing that you're on your book tour, an you have a whole chapter on the Saturday Night Massacre, and all I'm hearing from the liberal media is the firing of Comey is analagous to what happened under Nixon... You were there at Nixon's side, and you say what?"

Buchanan, author of 'Nixon's White House Wars' responds:

PAT BUCHANAN: As Marx said, history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce.

I was with Nixon that Saturday afternoon in the Oval Office, when Elliot Richardson was waiting to be brought in to be fired. Nixon had just aided Israel in the Six Day War, Kissinger was in Moscow, we had lost our vice president that month. And Arhicbald Cox was defying the president over a simple matter of whether they would provide summaries of the tapes, written summaries of the Watergate sections, or whether they wanted the actual tapes. Elliot Richardson was supposed to be aboard... Nixon said 'I don't have any choice, I can't have President Breznev watch me be bullied by a member of my cabinet, I've got to fire him.'

And so he did, and he said I'm going to go down to the GS-7 if necessary to get this guy fired. But it was a huge event, he fired the Attorney General, the deputy attorney general... and the guy who did it was a relatively honorable fellow, Robert Bork...

I'll tell you, it was far more grave and serious... This was a huge matter.

Comey, with due respect, FBI director, I think he is a man of good character and good abilities, but he made a lot of blunders, and Chuck Schumer, who was begging that he be fired, is now about to impeach Trump for firing him.

So it is absurdity to compare the two, or equate the two. one of them is an enormous event in American history, this is just the replacement of a controversial FBI director, I'm sure to replace him with a qualified guy.

Watch the rest of Buchanan's interview below:

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