Spicer: Sally Yates Was A "Strong Supporter" Of Hillary Clinton


White House press secretary Sean Spicer at Tuesday's briefing:

QUESTION: What was his role at the White House in those 18 days? Was he still fulfilling his normal national security adviser duties?

SPICER: Yeah, I'm not going to get back into it. I will say, as I mentioned, the time...


QUESTION: ... it's worrisome that he was still doing that when he was a potential target of Russian blackmail?

SPICER: But can I just -- one thing that I think is important to note is -- is let's look at, again, how this came down.

A -- someone who is not exactly a supporter of the president's agenda, who, a couple of days after this first conversation took place, refused to uphold a lawful order of the president, who is not exactly someone that -- that was excited about President Trump taking office or his agenda. She has been...


SPICER: Hold on, Caitlyn (ph)...


SPICER: Hold on. No. Caitlyn (ph), let me answer the question.

She had come here, given a heads-up, told us there were materials and, at the same time, we did what we should do. Just because someone comes in and gives you a heads-up about something and says, "I want to share some information," doesn't mean that you immediately jump the gun and go take an action.

I think if you flip this scenario and say, "What if we had just dismissed somebody because a political opponent of the president had made an utterance?" you would argue that it was pretty irrational to act in that matter.

We did what we were supposed to do. The president made, ultimately, the right decision and I think he was proven that -- that -- that...

QUESTION: How is she a political opponent of the president?

SPICER: She was -- I -- I...


QUESTION: ... acting attorney general of...

SPICER: Appointed by the Obama administration and a strong opponent -- a strong supporter of Clinton. So that's now, I think, number four, so -- Jim.

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