'Justice Democrat' Coal Miner's Daughter Paula Swearingen Announces Primary Challenge Against West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin


Co-founder of the Justice Democrats and host of 'The Kyle Kulinski Show' Kyle Kulinsky announces that West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin will face a primary challenge from coal miner's daughter Paula Swearingen.

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"Paula is a West Virginia native, her family worked in the coal mines for years... Nobody knows the pains of West Virginia more than Paula. She remembers her water running orange, purple, and black when she was growing up... It is personal in her case," Kulinski said about Swearingen. "She reallywants to make a change for the better. She is all about a new New Deal to create jobs. She wants to invest billions and billions into West Virginia. She wants to regulate coal companies to make West Virginia's water safe."

"She is taking no corporate money, and no PAC money," he explained. "She is going to push for Medicare for all... And there is a little clip attached at the end here of her confronting Joe Manchin directly..."

PAULA SWEARINGEN: I was born in West Virginia, and I was born a coal minert's daughter, grand-daughter... and in West Virginia, you are told to live, breathe, eat, literally coal. We're told that coal defines us. So as a little girl I was proud of my coal heritage. i was proud to be the coal miner's daughter.

But as I watched the progression of what coal did to my family, I wasn't so proud any more.

My grandfather spent 45 years in the coal mines, and I watched him suffocate to death. My father served in the military in Korea, and he was a coal miner, and he had cancer and I watched him suffocate. My step father has heart disease. He's had open heart surgery. And he gets up every morning and he suffers.

But that was only the beginning of what I learned about the suffering in Appalachia...

I wokeup one day to look around my, and they started blowing those mountains up. The places where I used to pay when I wasa little girl, and was the cleanest water in the world, now runs black and orange in West Virginia.

Peoples' houses are knocked off their foundations when the coal company moves in.

Widows try to go home, because they run people out of their communities...

The same toxin that my family subjected themselves to, now they're going to come in my neighborhood, and my peoples' neighborhood, and say: 'Guess what. This belongs to your children too. You have to suffer this water because we say so.'

Well you know what? I'm not defined by coal. I'm a proud Appalachian woman, and we were there first. I'm not going to sacrifice my children to the Coal God...

That coal fire plant is fueled by the blood of my people. And ti si fueled by your blood. There is no reason, Gov. Patrick, that I shold give you my children to fire that plant.

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