Yates & Clapper Admit Viewing "Unmasked" Trump Campaign Communications; Deny Leaking To Press


Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates (who was fired by President Trump for refusing to defend the travel ban) and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper respond to questions about the extent to which President Trump's 2016 campaign was spied on by the federal government.

SEN. CHUCK GRASSLEY: Did either of you ever review classified documents, in which Mr. Trump his associates, or members of Congress had been unmasked.


GRASSLEY: You have? Can you give us details here?

CLAPPER: Well. No, I can't.

GRASSLEY: Ms. Yates, have you?

SALLY YATES: Yes, and I can't give you details.

GRASSLEY: Did either of you ever share infomation about unmasked Trump associates or members of Congress with anyone else?

CLAPPER: Um. Well, I'm thinking back of six-and-a-half years, I could have discussed it with either my deputy or my general counsel.

GRASSLEY: OKay, Ms. Yates?

YATES: In the course of the Flynn matter, I had discussions with other members of the intel community -- I'm not sure if that is responsive to your question.

GRASSLEY: And in both cases, you can't give details here?



Later in Grassley's quesitoning, Yates and Clapper denied ever being anonymous sources for media:

GRASSLEY: Have either of you ever been an anonymous source in a news report about matters relating to Mr. Trump, his associates, or Russia's attempt to meddle in the election.


YATES: Of course not.

Monday evening, Trump reacted to the hearing on Twitter:

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