Olbermann To Foreign Journalists: Please Ask Donald Trump How Crazy He Is


In his most recent YouTube commentary, GQ's Keith Olbermann said U.S. media have been replaced by "propaganda outlets" that won't ask Trump tough questions.

"Our media has been all but frozen out replaced by propaganda outlets where nothing, no matter how outlandish, or un-American, not even attacks on the very freedom of speech in which they operate, get a follow-up question," Olbermann stated. "On those few occasions where there is an opportunity to state that Donald Trump is an existential threat to the U.S. and the free world our media has largely choked. It asks him questions designed not to be challenging to his fact-free world view but designed to be played on T.V. Or it's self-censors, overcome at the crucial moment by desperate, stupid, and ultimately pointless attempts to, as a source at one cable outlet put it, 'focus on Trump voters.'"

"The media of this country is too terrified of being accused of not being balanced, to come out and state the obvious. That, emotionally, the president is not at all balanced. And that while all our lives depend on whether he gets less crazy, or more crazy, apparently it is no longer worth the risk to American reporters to ask just how crazy he is at this particular moment." Olbermann stated.

Keith Olbermann implores foreign journalists to ask President Trump and his team why they are so crazy when the president holds press conferences on his upcoming foreign trip. Trump is scheduled to go visit Israel, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

"You need to keep asking pointed, doubtful, skeptical, snarky questions that our reporters are too afraid to ask. Ask Trump if he has ever had a CAT scan. Ask Trump if he is experiencing headaches or blurred vision or hallucinations," Olbermann demanded of foreign media.

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