Kevin McCarthy: Nobody Is Going To Have Their Health Care Taken Away


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy speaks to CNN's Dana Bash about the merits of the House GOP health care reform plan:

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY: We’re not taking a benefit away - nobody on Medicaid is going to be taken away. What you’re going to find here - look at, look at the reports yesterday: 94 counties out of 99 in Iowa will not have health care. You have Aetna pulling out of Virginia yesterday as well. One-third of the entire country of counties only have one provider, and next year they won’t have any. So, if we do nothing, we’re going to hear a very loud crowd that people are not having health care. We cannot ignore this problem. They’ve got to stop playing politics with this. We can solve this problem, and this is the first start of making that happen today...

We protect pre-existing conditions. Yes, we really do. Show me, one point. We have guaranteed issue in here. We just added the Upton amendment, so any state, the only state that took a waiver and didn’t have health care coverage for 63 days, this actually buys down the premium. So, yes, we protect everyone. So what do you say to those 94 counties that don’t have health care? They don’t have health care, they don’t have pre-existing conditions - we’re actually solving a problem. The difference here is, we have Obamacare today, we know the failures when it comes to the exchanges, we know the Medicaid that is crowding people out. This is actually solving the problem.

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