Chris Matthews: Trump Skipping WHCD Is The "Defiance" That People Love About Him


MSNBC host Chris Matthews joins 'Meet the Press' to discuss the Trump era.

Clearly, it's not a popular thing to say you voted for Trump. In fact, every time I look at a poll, I go wait a minute, more people voted for him than admit they voted for him.

And that's what's going on. And before the election that was true.

I think it's about attitude. I think last night, by not going to the press dinner and going to Harrisburg, he expressed his defiance of us and it goes over very well. It's not about where you stand on China. Again, too intellectual. It's about attitude. As we say in Philly, attetude. He's got -- I like her, but I'm not hiring her because she's got attetude.

TODD: Yes.

MATTHEWS: But I think attitude is what people feel about this guy. He's still screwing us. He's still saying to hell with you guys.


MATTHEWS: And he's still saying things...


MATTHEWS: -- that we know aren't -- isn't true.

TODD: Yes.

MATTHEWS: And I think his people know some of this stuff isn't true.


MATTHEWS: But they love it. It's like fair and balanced.

Do you remember that?

TODD: Yes.

MATTHEWS: Nobody at Fox, who watched Fox, thought it was fair and balanced. But they loved the way these guys would say fair and balanced. Take that.

TODD: Take that.

MATTHEWS: You know, take it back. You know, it's...


MATTHEWS: This defiance.

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