Gad Saad: This Is Not Satire, This Is Peak Identity Politics Being Reached


Host of 'The Saad Truth' podcast, Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary behavioural scientist and professor of marketing at Concordia University In Montreal, Gad Saad declares that "peak-SJW" has been reached in the world of higher education.

"The authors and contributors to this column all manifest something that I thought I would discuss today," the podcaster said. "In many of these fields -- popular culture, women's studies, post-modernism, African-American studies, ethnic studies, all those-- whenever somebody begins an article or any form of communication they always start off by expressing what their identities are. Because this, in a sense, limits the scope of their experience. Because you couldn't speak about number theory, or any scientific theory without first saying: 'Hello, my name is Sir Isaac Newton. I am a celebate white cisgendered male.' And then you go ahead and discuss calculus."

"So here were go, as I said, this is not satire. I am not making this up, I will share with you think links," he said:

So this is Dr. Eric Anthony Grollman, the editor: 'I speak as a queer multiracial black, white, and Jewish, middle class, fat, spiritual, U.S.-born, feminist, genderqueer man without disabilities.'

Then next is Dr. Jeana Jorgensen, who is a regular contributor: 'I write and teach from the life experiences of a culturally Jewish agnostic, able-bodied, sex-positive, intersectional feminist and bisexual cisgender woman.'

This is not satire. This is on the site of 'Inside Higher Ed.'

Dr. J. Sumerau, another regular contributor: 'I write from the life experiences of a most-of-the-time male-appearing bisexual gender-queer skeptic queer intersectional feminist.'

Next person, Dr. Manya Whitaker, who is also a regular conributor: 'I blog from the perspective of a Southern black U.S. born woman on my personal blog, The Other Class, I write about my personal experiences as a woman of color in a space that wasn't built for me.'

"I guess I was remiss not to start today's clip by saying who I am: 'I write from the perspective of a exceptionally good-looking, astonishingly virile, breath-takingly charismatic, cis-gendered, olive-skinned, Lebanese Jew atheist, who is differently weighted.'

"It was important that I identify what my identities are, so that you could process any information that I share with you through the lens of my unique identity, and my unique outrage and pain," he said.

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