Tom Bevan: "Identity Politcs" Over "Economy" Is The Source Of The Democratic Party's Decline


RCP co-founder and publisher Tom Bevan joins MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' to discuss the cause of the Democratic Party's major decline in local elections since 2010.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: From everything you have seen, how would you try to best explain Democrats losing more than a thousand state legislative House and Senate seats over the past six years?

TOM BEVAN: Two words: Identity politics.

These working-class voters in the rust belt and other places, they don't care about who is going to the bathroom in which bathroom in North Carolina.

They look at the Democratic Party and they see someone running against the 'War on Women,' they see Black Lives Matter, they see environmental activism. All of that stuff has become a brand of the Democratic Party, which for a lot of these folks it comes down to the economy. It comes down to say-in, day-out. That's where Democrats have really lost ground.

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