Sessions: "Not Ending Immigration, We're Ending Illegal Immigration"; Wall Will "Be The End Of Illegality"


Attorney General Jeff Sessions speaks to FOX & Friends about illegal immigration and The Wall.

SESSIONS: I’ve seen the border. We have millions of people crossing the border illegally constantly on a regular basis. All kinds of produce and items are moved back and forth. That’s not going to end. We’re not going to make it impossible for people to travel between our countries, but we’re going to end this illegality. We’re not going to stop until we get it done. This is the closest we’ll ever get to getting it done. So we need to make sure we get to the finish line. It’s already been reduced as much as 70% this illegality, and we’re going to get it to zero and keep it there, and we’ll be proud of the new system that we have...

What we need to do is remind Congress and the American people that this President promised this. They voted for it in large numbers. It was one of the great strengths in his campaign. It was certainly one of the reasons I believed that he should be elected President and I supported him. So Congress can find a host of ways to pay for this wall. It can be done through people who come to our country through Mexico, fees and costs, even fixing a tax abuse situation that I believe would make a lot of the payment toward the fixing it. So there’s no problem with getting this done and it’s going to save a huge amount of money because we’re going to continue to see this rapid decline in the number of people that are coming into our country illegally. Housing, deportation costs, all kinds of costs would be reduced when we reduce that flow...

Throughout this whole process I’ve been saying that whenever you come up with anything that will actually fix the problems, that is what does not pass. They’ll pass anything as long as it doesn’t work. They’ll talk about fixing the border again and again and again, but when the chips are down, they back off. Let me tell you, we are this close. We’ve already changed the whole mentality at the border, President Trump has. You know last month was the lowest month of illegal entries in 17 years. We get this barrier fixed, it’ll save us so much money. It will reduce the amount of drugs and criminals that come into the country. It will make us more secure and safe from terrorists. It’s going to be the end of illegality. And you know we admit 1.1 million people each year lawfully into America, so we’re not ending immigration, we’re just ending illegal immigration. The American people have asked for it for 30 years. It’s time for the politicians to deliver once and for all, and we can do it.

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