Caitlin Huey-Burns: Watch How The Primarily Anti-Clinton Trump Voters React


Monday on MSNBC, RCP reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns spoke about President Trump's approval ratings a week ahead of his 100th day in office.

CAITLIN HUEY-BURNS: One of the polls from ABC News showed the intensity of the disapproval of Donald Trump higher than it had been for previous presidents. So that is really interesting to me.

Mark Murray mentioned independents. That vote will really matter, particularly as we are coming up to a midterm election year.

The president is pointing to the keeping up the base, and also Republicans still supportive of him. And that really matters when you are trying to get legislation through.

What I'm looking at is 'softer' Republican voters who supported Trump, but really as an alternative to Hillary Clinton. You're going to have the base that is supportive of him, will give him a little more leeway after the first hundred days, saying that he campaigned to shake things up, it is going to take a while. But you're also going to have Republicans who want to get things done. And if he is not able to show a good faith in that effort, those poll numbers will be important to keep an eye on.

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