Rachel Maddow Implies Tillerson Is A Plant For Russian Oil Interests


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow recounts the story of 'The Mother Of All Oil Deals' between Exxon-Mobil and the Russian state oil company to drill off Russia's Northern coast which has not been able to proceed because of sanctions levied by President Obama.

Maddow points out that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson received the 'Order Of Friendship' from the Russian government for his role in setting up the half-trillion dollar deal in his capacity as CEO of Exxon just months before President Obama's sanctions prevented the deal from materializing, but now Tillerson's State Department is working on getting Exxon an exception to the sanctions. She also implies that Putin got Tillerson the job as Secretary of State to make this deal happen.

"It is still not clear how Rex Tillerson ended up being Secretary of State," Maddow wondered as a picture of the Russian dictator shaking hands with Tillerson appeared on screen. "Particularly because he and Donald Trump had never met before the November election."

"How did Rex Tillerson get that job? He must have come very highly recommended," she said as a photo of Putin pinning a medal on Tillerson appeared on screen, "by someone."

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