Joy Ann Reid: Jeff Sessions Read Xenophobic Fairy Tale At WH Easter Egg Roll


MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid recounts the story Attorney General Jeff Sessions chose to read to the children at this year's White House Easter Egg Roll: 'It's Not Easy Being A Bunny'

Reid says that in light of Sessions' plan for deportation of mothers of American children with no criminal records, the story "takes on a darker feel."

"It is the story of P.J. Funnybunny who decides that he doesn't want to be a bunny anymore, so he leaves home to try to be a different kind of animal. He tries to be a bear and a bird and all kinds of other animals, but he discovers he doesn't like being anything other than a bunny," Reid explains.

"He decided, he got straight on that," Sessions said about the bunny's decision to continue life as a bunny.

"You know what, it is a nice story about home, family, being happy with who you are. But Jeff Sessions is just back from the Mexican border, where he was touting the Trump administration's Get Tough approach to immigration. So when he reads the story about this bunny who decides he does not want to live somewhere else with those who are not like him, with the moral being that it is better to go back home, to Bunnyland... But it takes on a darker feel when it is Jefferson Sessions reading it," the MSNBC host explained.

"Here was Attorney General Jefferson Sessions a few days ago at the border describing people who he thinks are leaving home to come here," she continued:

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"Sessions' prepared remarks actually read... 'Where we first take our stand against this Filth.' But he left that pungent description out of his delivery," Reid recounted.

"A lot of the immigrants in the crosshairs under the Trump administration are people you'd think would be at the bottom of anyone's priority list," Reid said. "Unless the Trump administration's priorities are not what they seem."

Sessions reading the story:

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