Woodward: The Power of "No" Is Why Trump Wins on His Tax Returns vs. Media


On the 'Fox News Sunday' panel this week, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said that unless someone can steal President Trump's tax returns, he won't have to release them. "The power of no," he explained it. "Trump has just said no."

JENNIFER GRIFFIN, FNC: I will point out that when MSNBC received his tax returns from 2005, it did show that he had paid $38 million that year in federal income taxes. That was a rate of about 25 percent. It was higher than what Bernie Sanders paid that year. So it's hard to understand what he is hiding and why he is not showing these tax returns.

MICHAEL NEEDHAM, HERITAGE ACTION: The -- the American people really don't care, as he kind of said at the end, about his tax returns. That's why he won. And what he does is he sets up with these fights a situation where the media goes crazy over something that the American people don't care about.

CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: But wait a minute, Michael, that wasn't the media, that was tens of thousands of your fellow Americans taking to the street. That -- and I've got to say, that was not something that the media even --

NEEDHAM: It was very well organized by liberal groups and -- and there was money behind it.

WALLACE: But that was democracy when the Tea Party did it.

NEEDHAM: Sure. When the American people at large look at this and they say, what's going on in North Korea and are we going to have a lunatic with nuclear weapons who can hit us, when they look at their health care premiums, when they look at those--

WALLACE: I'm not saying it's the biggest issue in the world, but it is --

NEEDHAM: And so I think this-- the White House actually ends up making themselves look like the victim of a media that is coming after them over things that, look, I agree, if I were running the White House, I'd release the visitor logs. If you're having an -- an untoward meeting, you're probably going to do it off-site anyway. But they create a dynamic where what the media is going crazy about is not what the American people care about. The American people care about the real policy issues.

WALLACE: All right, we have to end it there. More to talk about. I'd love to hear what you have to say, Bob. I will, in commercial.

BOB WOODWARD, WASHINGTON POST: The power of no. Trump has just said no.

And unless you can get somebody to give them to you, he wins.

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