Mark Leibovich: Is Winning To Trump A Bunch Of Good News Stories?


From Easter Sunday's edition of Meet the Press:

MARK LEIBOVICH, NEW YORK TIMES: I would say, though, that I mean, the question of yes, he loves to win. How do you define winning in an environment where there's really no legislative action going on whatsoever? Is winning to Donald Trump a bunch of good news stories - a bunch

HEATHER MCGHEE:Of course it is.

MARK LEIBOVICH: Poll numbers, that kind of thing.

JOHN SUNUNU: But the contrast we have here is on these national security issues, you've got good leadership in place that've been given some autonomy. We heard from General Kelly, talked about General Mattis, McMaster, they are obviously the guiding hands between the foreign policy activity that's been pretty widely accepted and well-received recently. On the domestic side, he doesn't really have that same kind of quality team in place yet, and that's part of the reason that healthcare went down.

MARK LEIBOVICH: McMaster, Mattis, Kelly, to a lesser extent Tillerson, that is a win. I mean they are strong people, he's obviously listening to them. Domestically, you're right.

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