Roger Stone: Boots On The Ground In Syria "Would Be A Violation Of Trumpism"


Chuck Todd asks Roger Stone to interpret "Trump-ese" and explain his new position on NATO, and what message he wanted to send with the bombing of Syria. Stone said boots on the ground in Syria "would be a violation of Trumpism" and signal the continuation of the "Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama" tradition of neoconservatism. From his Thursday interview with Todd on Meet the Press Daily:

ROGER STONE: On Syria, what we have here is a very limited surgical strike. Controversial, yes. If that extends itself to a broadened, you know, boots on the ground conflict, then that would be a violation of Trumpism.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS: I don't want to overread your body language there. But when you said Syria, like it kind of had an eye roll there. You're not happy about that are you?

STONE: Well, I have supported Donald Trump because I honestly believe that he is a non-interventionist. And that he is a break with the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama tradition of the neo-cons to go out looking for endless foreign wars where our inherent national interest may not be clear.

Perhaps in the case of Syria, because the important signal that it sent the North Koreans, the Iranians, the Chinese, it may have been irresistible. Whether it will really change the outcome in Syria is not clear. Now, if the president were to go to a wider war, were to take the advice of [National Security Adviser] General McMaster and presumably General Mattis to send 150,000 troops into the next quagmire, that would be a mistake.

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