Coulter: Trump's Strike On Syria "Very Strange," Departure From Candidate Trump


In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night columnist and author Ann Coulter sounds off president's decision to strike Syria, a departure from campaign promises that has baffled some supporters. Coulter also talked about her upcoming speech at Berkeley.

ANN COULTER: Well, I knew there was going to be massive pushback for everything Trump proposes to do on immigration. I didn’t realize that the pushback would be as strong for not starting pointless wars. You would think that would have been one of the simplest things to do. But, it’s been interesting watching so many of these generals straight out of Dr. Strangelove pushing for war with Syria, war with Russia, war with North Korea. I thought General Mattis’ statement, the secretary of defense, was a fantastic yesterday. And that seem to be returning to the Trump policy on the campaign, which is — I mean, how many times a day does he have to say it? He is not running to be president of the world, but president of America. He puts our interests first.

And yet, it’s a very hard explain the Syrian attack. And it’s certainly not a vital national security interest. We generally don’t, at least conservatives don’t, rushing around the world for humanitarian reasons. And for that region of the world, Assad is one of the better leaders. There are probably only one or two better than he. He’s not even like a Saddam Hussain murderous thug. He helped us after 9/11, giving us intelligence. It’s a very strange thing we’ve done here. And I feel like it’s such a departure from what Trump said on the campaign trail. And in 2013 on his Twitter feed.

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