Reporter To Kellyanne Conway: "You're The Darkness"; Conway Responds: "I'm Not The Darkness"


Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, speaks to Hollywood Reporter scribe Michael Wolff at Wednesday's Newseum discussion where Trump aide's faced the media.

MICHAEL WOLFF, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: And what do you think -- do you think -- do you find yourself ever thinking and trying to -- to really get to the nut of what the media thinks about this president and about you and other members of this (inaudible) administration. How personal do you take this?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: How personal -- how personally do I take what?

WOLFF: What the -- this coverage (inaudible) dies in darkness. Because I'm going to tell you, when they say "democracy dies in darkness," you're the darkness.


CONWAY: I'm not the darkness.

WOLFF: You're -- no, and I don't -- I think -- I don't mean...


WOLFF That's -- that's not -- that's not a...


CONWAY: You're saying that that's what it's mean to (inaudible), but...


WOLFF: Yeah, that's not...

(CROSSTALK) CONWAY: Again, it's what I tell small children. Just because somebody says something doesn't make it true. And it's a great lesson for everyone. And just because, you know, they say "the darkness" (inaudible), doesn't make it true. And you (inaudible) you start with that.

I'm here -- look, I'm not elected to anything. I'm there (inaudible) not the way the president is covered.

I think there is something that I call presumptive negativity. And you can look at something and see it as a positive or as a negative (inaudible). I think there are some print journalists, particularly, who have taken the time to really try to get to know this president, and how he operates and who he is, and maybe some of the senior administration officials, and they're doing much better, in my view, of covering the White House and just doing their jobs covering the White House.

I don't know that folks have really taken a step back and said OK, I missed a lot in the election obviously. They should say -- they say I really got it wrong, I -- which means I also didn't really understand what was happening in the country.

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