Jeff Sessions' Message To The World: "The Border Is Not Open. Please Don't Come."


On Tuesday's edition of 'Hannity,' the attorney general discussed his trip earlier that day to the Mexican border in Arizona where he made a speech about the Trump administration's plan to stop illegal immigration.

SEAN HANNITY: What exactly is going to change and how quickly?

JEFF SESSIONS: It is already changing! Can you believe that we have had the lowest number of entrances at the border in 17 years? This is the direct result of Donald Trump's strong, clear leadership. It has an impact.

The important thing for us is to send a message to the world:

The border is not open. Please don't come. You will be apprehended if you do come, and you will be deported promptly... This is the kind of message we need to send. It is already being sent. it is having a dramatic effect so far... The numbers are down 70% since President Obama was in office,
it is really a remarkable achievement.

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